Round and Around- Behind The Music

The Brand New Kolohe Kai Single, “Round and Around” has been we’ll received by all of you. I am so grateful that this song could help you to cope through your trials. The story behind how I wrote the song proves that all of us go through problems, but finding the positive in our present situation can make all the difference in our personal growth. It is my hope that this story may inspire you to not give up. So many people get so downhearted by their challenges that instead of allowing it to mold them, they allow it to fold them. Depression is an ugly beast that can forcefully dominate our way of thinking at times. May this song and my story encourage you that your not alone and you can grow from this. We’re all in the same boat! You will be a much more stronger and beautiful person by smiling through your scars and you will find yourself happier that you endured.