A local Hawaii reggae band that began in high school, Kolohe Kai translates in Hawaiian to “rascal waters”. Leader singer and song-writer Roman De Peralta started writing songs at the age of fifteen and was noticed by a very successful record label here in Hawaii. After winning the state-wide talent show “Brown Bags to Stardom”, Roman went on his way with a group of friends to release an all-original album entitled “This is the Life”. As a senior in high school, Roman never expected to have his very first song on the radio. The unexpected success of this album lead Kolohe Kai to graduate high school in 2010 with two Na Hoku Hanohano award nominations. After releasing the second album “Love Town”, Kolohe Kai made their official New Zealand and Australia debut, head-lining their very first tour. After much traveling and performing, Roman decided to take a break, which lasted a couple years.

Now renewed and refreshed Kolohe Kai has returned and has just released a third album entitled “Paradise”. This all-original album contains ten songs Roman wrote while away from his music career. He spent the majority of his time volunteering to help people discover a better future through Bible education. With all the love and joy experienced on that journey, the album track “Paradise” was inspired. He hopes the fans feel that same happiness from his music. Through all the trials and heartache these days can bring, Kolohe Kai is continuing to see the good in life and share that view with millions around the world. What started as a band, continues as a people. All the fans around the world whether they know it or not are truly a part of  the music. Join the movement. Spread aloha!

“My goal as a song-writer is to bottle up good vibes and aloha into songs, so that when others hear it, they feel happy. I want to encourage people to look at life with the glass half full and find the joy that comes with simple pleasures rather than the complicated pains of stress. I hope it ‘s working. LOL.”

-Roman De Peralta